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Are you looking for road truck equipment to make your work easier or just for the fun of driving a vehicle with all the features you want? NSR Équipements will make your vision come to life.

NSR Équipements is a new company in the equipment manufacturing field and is a division of SP Tire, well-known in the tire and heavy vehicle mechanics industries. We design, manufacture and install customized equipment for all types of road vehicles.

Get the right equipment now. By doing business with us, you benefit from the expertise of specialists who have been working in mechanics for more than 40 years.

We are all driven by the passion we have for our work. That’s why serving you and suggesting you the equipment of your dreams is a real pleasure for us.

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We install your equipment to your requirements.

  • Attention to your needs
  • Relevant equipment suggestions
  • Custom design
  • Personalized service and human approach
  • Expert manufacturing with great attention to detail
  • Installation in our facility by certified specialists
  • Project suited to your budget and taste

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