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Aluminium or Steel Flat Deck

Steel or aluminium flat deck

Robust painted steel

Structural 5083 H321 or extruded Aluminium sheet, according to your needs

Tie-down rails and winch available

Fixed, fold down or removable sides, available in steel or aluminium

Customizable cab shield height for your truck/chassis

Hitch plate available

LED lights with “Grote Blueseal” sealed wire

Length up to 26 feet

Truck box replacement (box-delete) available

Dump flat available (Trunnion-mounted telescopic hoist or underbody scissor lift)

Steel, wood, aluminium or extruded aluminium floor

Robust polyurethane paint with epoxy primer

Paint colors matching your company’s.

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To carry all your loads, large or small, an aluminium or steel flat deck is recommended. Designed for the transport of all types of bulk or packaged goods, this flat deck is offered in a static or dump configuration. Contact one of our representatives to learn about the customization options we offer.