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Equifab Dump Body

The industry’s most durable aluminium floor

Removable rear posts transform the box into a platform

Low friction 7 or 12-ton cylinder

15’’ fold down sides

21’’ two-way tailgate

Customizable cab shield height

LED lights with “Grote Blueseal” sealed wire

Tarp and roller system

Body length of 8’ or longer.

Options offered:

Tool box

Boxes of all types

Tool rack

Hitch plate

Customizable sides and tailgate height

Hydraulics powered by P.T.O. or the engine’s accessory belt drive

Custom-made dump bodies on request.

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The Equifab dump body is a high quality product made and designed in Québec. It allies the lightness of extruded aluminium with its robustness and was designed to allow minimum maintenance while providing unmatched performances on the long term. This product is also environmentally-friendly and has an excellent residual value, as well as a long-lasting and attractive finish.