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SnowDogg XP810 Expandable Wing Plow

Increase your efficiency with hydraulically expanding wings that expand your width by 2 ft.
Confront the elements and ensure your fleet looks great for years to come with a 304 stainless steel moldboard.
Protect your equipment through varied pavement surfaces and obstacles with 4 stress-optimized trip springs to provide 40º of smooth moldboard trip action.
Stand up to years of heavy use with laser-cut steel ribs and a full length 2 in. cross tube to keep the plow blade stiff and forceful.
Get the durability you need with a fortified tubular A-frame.
Maximize fleet interchangeability with HD, EX, CM, and XP Series plows using the SnowDogg Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount.
Rely on the 2 HP power/hydraulic unit with full size SAE standard cartridge valves, 3/8 in. rubber hoses, and integral valve manifold, or opt to use your truck’s central hydraulics.
Clear with speed, strength, and agility using two 1-1/2 in. x 12 in. angle cylinders and the 70º attack angle.
Exceptional snow stacking with an extra heavy duty lift cylinder to power a chain lift with 35º of travel.
Cut through the dark with powerful dual-beam halogen plow lights with secure double post mounts.
Receive the value you deserve with standard 1/2 in. cutting edge, cast shoes, digital pistol-grip controller, heavy belted snow deflector, and blade guides.

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Born and built on the shores of Lake Erie, Buyers Products SnowDogg XP Expandable Wing Plow expands from 8 ft to 10 ft at the touch of a button while maintaining the scoop position. This expandable wing plow is truly a quiver of one.

The SnowDogg XP Series is an investment made to last. Its moldboards are constructed of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. Nine laser-cut 1/4 in. vertical ribs frame the moldboard and wings, strengthened by a 2 in. full length cross tube for maximum torsional rigidity. The fortified tubular A-frame gives you the power to push swaths of heavy, wet snow. The 70º attack angle punches through snow, and a 20º scoop provides excellent pushing and windowing. The XP810’s hydraulically expanding wings add a full 2 ft of snow-clearing power. A standard 1/2 in. cutting edge with integrated curb guards keeps the plow on the job and resists wear and tear. Steel components are primed and powder-coated on site to provide maximum process control and the highest quality.

Trip Action, Lift and Angling Cylinders
The XP Series features four stress-optimized trip springs that provide 40º of full moldboard trip action to help protect your equipment from hidden curbs or rocks. Its heavy duty lift arm, chain, and cylinder enable high snow stacking. The dual angle cylinders ensure you get maximum holding force for a chatter-free operation.

The Full Package
Buyers Products sets a new bar for what you should expect from your plow company. The XP’s integrated 2HP DC-powered hydraulic unit comes equipped with SAE standard cartridge valves and hefty 3/8-inch rubber hoses. Dual-beam halogen plow lights, cast plow shoes, a heavy duty belted snow deflector, wire reinforced blade guides, and a gloves-on in-cab controller come standard.The XP Series can be on and off your truck quickly with the Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount. Just align your truck, actuate the pedals, raise the jack, and attach lock pins and electrical plugs. With the Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount you have complete fleet interchangeability with HD, EX, CM, and XP Series plows.

Product Common Use: 3/4 Ton Trucks with Plow Prep, 1 Ton Trucks (and up), Medium Duty Trucks (Ford® Super Duty®/Chevy® HD/GM® HD).

Additional information

Spec1 Plow Type Expandable Wing Plow
Trip Style Full Trip
Moldboard Material 304 Stainless Steel
Moldboard Thickness 12 Ga
Blade Width 96 "
Angled Blade Width 104.0 "
Blade Height 31 "
Ribs 9
Cutting Edge 1/2 x 6 "
Plow Shoes Standard
Snow Deflector Contoured Poly
Lights Dual Halogen Bulbs
Electrical Headlamp Rated Replaceable Micro-ISO Relays
Harnesses Separate Light and Hydraulic 4GA Power Wires
Trip Springs 4
Angle Cylinders 1 1/2 x 12 "
Lift Cylinder 2 x 6 "
Mounting System Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount
Stand Detachable Jack
Min Order Qty 1
Multiple Sale Qty 1
Product Code 920
Sell Pack Type Unit
Shipping Weight 692.000